Microdermabrasion Facial       $ 69/60 mins.

This procedure starts clean oily skin and  any impurities skin. Amazing powerful  enzyme serum will be applied to dissolve clogging pores, and then extraction. Then, warm steam and refreshing cream will be used with a massage on your face, neck and decollete area.

Then you will receive an exfoliation with Microdermabrasion (for brow spots, fine lines, blemishes, black heads and acne scars )or (you can add on the following advanced serums on to your facial ) then flowed by customized mask . Toner, moisturizer, and sunblock finishing. 

Meridian Re-Sculpting Facial     89 $ /90 mins.

This procedure begins with a clean-up, hot towel, exfoliation, and warm steam (with an antioxidant cream massage on your face, neck and decollete area), and extraction. Then (using my proprietary and highly effective essential oil formula) for aging skin, loose elastic skin,wrinkles, blemishes and other skin problems, you will receive a combined meridian points lymph detox treatment on your head, face, neck and decollete using natural jade tool.  Then, you will receive a 3D ice therapy treatment to infuse serums (depends what type skin you have, or what type serums your skin needs), and then you will receive a customized mask.  Enjoy your beautiful, smooth, firm, uplifted face immediately after your first treatment. For lasting results, Five applications are recommended.


Ice Re-sculpting Facial             $129/90 mins

This procedure which includes exfoliation followed by warm towel , then extraction, and then you will receive a 3D ice therapy treatment to infuse serums (depends what type skin you have, or what type serums your skin needs), and then you will receive an energy  jade tools and antioxidant organic essential oil formula, is used to help refresh, provide nutrition to, and detox the entire face and neck.  The treatment finishes with the amazing ice lotion using a special technique.  This treatment is available for normal skin, sensitive skin and acne skin.  This incredible  treatment is not only for those who desire to reduce a double chin or the appearance of fat in the face, but also for minimizing wrinkles skin and for uplifting sagging skin also.  You will enjoy your beautifully contoured face or wrinkle-minimized skin immediately after your first treatment.  For lasting results, four times applications are recommended.


Hydration Facial   $129/90 mins

This is a unique facial that process a deep clean pores, hydrates, rejuvenations and contouring face for any age of candidates who have dehydrated, dry, flaky skin, or sagging aging.

Keratin Eyelash Lift   $100

Keratin Eyelash Lift with Tint (darker, brighter lashes) ​   $130

Keratin Eyelash Lift with Eye Care (TGF Firming Mask, for eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles) $130

Keratin Eyelash Lifts: Enhance your lashes through All-Natural nutrition.  These Eyelash Lifts boast Keratin, which is a protein composed of amino acids, and strengthen and fill in gaps in your follicles, growth your lashes while you get your lashes lifted. Keratin Eyelash Lifts are very safe when provided by trained and experienced technicians. And it is absolutely worth it. It requires extremely low maintenance and usually lasts 6 to 8 weeks. Lash lifts are generally much less expensive than eyelash extensions, and the service only takes about 45 minutes.

Packages are available!

Five Keratin Lashes Lift  $300

Ten Keratin Lashes Lift   $550

You're welcome to try this new advanced technology, and get the lashes that bring out the highlights of your eyes! 


LED ANTI AGING FACIAL           $75                                                               LED   ACNE FACIAL                    $75 

LED LIGHT THERAPY especially for ANTI AGING , ACNE SKIN treatment, and SUN DAMAGED SKIN. It's a painless, relaxing, non- invasive skin care treatment that has multiple benefits-particularly stimulating COLLAGEN and treating mild to moderate acne.

Add On Services:

Advanced Serums infusion.

TGF--Beta Booster     $25/treatment

Award winning "BEST ANTI-AGING SERUM" for smooth lines & wrinkles in no time. Visibly reduces fine lines & wrinkle depth. Powerful peptides & growth factors help restore firmness. Helps promote Collagen & elastin synthesis. Boosts results of skincare products. 

EGF--DNA for Repair & Heal. $25/treatment

Ideal for use after micro-peel, laser, micro-needing, IPL, and derma planing procedures. Excellent for lines & wrinkles, irritated, and sun-damaged skin. Promotes healthy-looking texture and glow.

Marine Amino Vita- C  $25/treatment

Radiant & Renewal, clarifies and revives. Superior form of Vitamin C promotes radiant, smooth skin, Balances uneven tone. Helps protect skin from environmental pollution.


Advanced Eye Care Service $48/treatment

 Eye care machine(Infrared, vibration with eye care serums penetrating into the eye area skin and following TGF-Booster mask then finished with eye wrinkle corrector serum), best for dark cycles, wrinkles, and eye-bag etc. Visibly results right after a first treatment.

Breast Lifting Treatment                $ 60/ 50 mins.

This is a manual lymph node drainage and a special massage technique combined with an effective essential oil formula and hot mask.


Hormone Re-Balancing                  $ 60/ 50 mins                     

This is a special essential oil formula combined with a special massage technique for women, to achieve an ideal health body through monthly maintenance.

Permanent Eyebrow Tinting and Eyelashes Tinting

Eyebrow Tinting    $25

Eyelashes Tinting $25 

Tinting packages are available

Three Eyebrow Tinting $60

Three Eyebrow Tinting & Three Eyelashes Tinting $118


Eyelash Extensions ( silk, and mink lashes)


Natural Style full set    $70

Classic Style full set      $120

Dramatic Style full set  $140

Refill in two weeks or three weeks  $ 30; $55 to $65


Packages are available                                                                      

One Natural full set + One refill $100

One Classic full set + One refill $180

One Dramatic full set + One refill $210    



10 % off for first visit Not applicable to Microdermabrasion Packages and the Special offers! Thank you!



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